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Consett Computers is owned and operated by Darren James whose background has always been with a local retailer. This background, and an insatiable appetite for gadgets of all types, led to the opening of his own shop in Consett in 2014...

Now he builds and repairs PCs and laptops- whilst still selling printer cartridges, of course!
Consett Computers knows that customers are to be treated with respect and honesty. It is great that so many customers have acknowledged this about the service Darren has provided for them in the past

We believe in treating you as a friend. We will not use jargon or try to bamboozle you with technical terms.
We will not use the cheap trick of telling you that ' the motherboard is blown' or ' we had to reinstall Windows' just because it's the easiest thing for us to do.

We only use genuine software- please do not ask us to provide pirate copies of anything- we have spent hours sorting out problems created by unscrupulous ' computer shops' installing non-registered Windows
We deal with the general public, small and large companies, as well as local charities, and community centres.
We supply second hand, refurbished and new tablets, iPads, Laptops and Computers.

We recycle as much as possible.  All cardboard, plastic and metal is sent to waste management recycling, and all electrical waste is recycled through a Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment company.
Data protection is our highest priority.  It is very important that your data is secure and safe, or destroyed if required.
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Consett Computers
In Store Unit 1 ( Morrisons )
Front Street
Co, Durham

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